The Girls’ Secondary School sponsors are well aware that education is an expensive undertaking but they are convinced that it is the best investment any society can give to the youth and future generations.

Building a secondary school is educating Tanzanian women, providing opportunities, creating a better life and ending the vicious cycle of poverty.

Donations will support completion of the canteen and kitchen as well as the construction of the school’s main building, classrooms, other supporting buildings and will be used to purchase mainly industrial items, including but not limited to: cement, iron sheets/bars, nails, ceiling boards, and lime. Also a biogas plant for cooking, bathrooms and toilets needs to be installed and consumer durable assets are to be purchased.


There are several activities currently ongoing on where you can support the project:

Your support can go directly to MAVUNO Project:

Account Number: 1952090534200
Bank Name: CRDB Bank (P.O. Box 173, Karagwe, Tanzania)

Your support can also be channelled through our German partner organizations:

Marafiki wa Afrika e.V.
Konto-Nummer: 21 972
Bankleitzahl: 700 310 00
Sperrer Bank Freising
Verwendungszweck: MAVUNO GIRLS SCHOOL

Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V.
Konto-Nummer.: 1030 333 337
Bankleitzahl: 533 500 00
Verwendungszweck: Chonyonyo Schulbau oder  TZA-IOG20

Kindermissionswerk “Die Sternsinger”

Stefanstraße 35
52064 Aachen
Telefon 0049 (0)241 4461-96
Fax: 0049 (0)241 4461-40


Welthaus Linz


Arabellastraße 4

81925 München